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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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my mother, she was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. she brought me into this world and i love her for that. >> the son of the metro train
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operator killed in the metro redline crash shares his pain during this morning's memorial service. nine people died when two redline trains collided near fort totten one year ago today. our kristin fisher attended the memorial service. she joins us live with more information from northeast washington. kristin? >> reporter: well jc, the ceremony wrapped up just about 20 minutes ago. it features speeches from several public officials, mayor adrian fenty, three members of congress and richard sarles among others but by far the most heart wrenching part of the program happened when the son of the train operator killed in the crash took the stage. the moment 20-year-old jordan mcmillan first mentioned his mother's name, everyone in the audience applauded. she's widely accredited with saving lines when she slammed
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on the brakes. she was instantly killed with eight of her passengers. one year later her son said this is the hardest year of his entire life. he suffers from depression and no longer rides metro and took a leave of absence from school but today he will turn to school so he can take care of the rest of the family she left behind. and at one point he choked up when he addressed the family members of the eight other victims. take a listen. >> it's just real nice to see everybody come together. [ applause ] >> it's real nice to see everybody come together for something so tragic like this, because this was not supposed to happen. we're not supposed to be here right now but we are. >> reporter: now peter benjamin, the chairman of the metro board of directors was quick to point out there would be more people at this memorial
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service had mcmillan not done what she did one year ago today. and he called if the day that metro lost its innocence and apologized to the families on behalf of the agency. another speaker who had quite a bit to say was the metro current general manager richard sarles. he said part of the reason he took this jobs was because of that crash and he also said that the greatest tribute that metro can give to those victims is to rededicate itself to safety and sarles said exactly that's what he intends to do with the agency as long as he' the-- at the helm. and several family members were upset with metro and there are several lawsuits underway about this incident. but for the most part for the family members that took the stage here today and the representatives for the victim families that spoke out at the memorial service, most of them
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said they had forgiven metro and thanks metro for putting on this one-year anniversary ceremony. the bottom line though is all they hoped is that the transit agency would try to make safety the absolute number one thing that the agency focuses on from here on out and they too felt that was the best way that they could honor the nine lives that were lost. jc. >> kristin, thank you very much. on our website today we're asking in the wake of last year's crash, do you feel safe righting metro or do you think more needs to be done? vote in our poll when you visit our website, the marc commuter rail system is investigating what went wrong with one of its trains. a mack of marc was stuck on the track in prince george's county yesterday for two hours with no electricity or air-
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conditioning. the passengers talked about the incident. >> there was a man next to me with a thermometer and it was 107 degrees in the train. >> and the windows were steamed up and they were supposed to open the doors on both sided and they didn't open them. >> two people were taken to the hospital for heat-related illnesses. marc trains were already running below speed because of the heat. sky 9 was on the scene of an overturned tractor-trailer in maryland. maryland state police said a passenger had a seizure and the driver lost control while trying to pull over. the ramp from 175 east to interstate 95 north was shut down while crews cleaned the area. both the driver and passenger were not seriously injured. all roads in the area are now opened. well general stanley mcchrystal is coming to washington. he has been called to explain himself to the president and other top officials. the top u.s. officer in afghanistan is profiled in the
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latest issue of rolling stone. katherine brown reports, he had some hard -- harsh words for the strategy and those in the white house. >> reporter: the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is following orders and reporting to washington. general stanley mcchrystal will have some explaining to do when he appears in person at tomorrow's monthly white house meeting on afghanistan. he was called home after telling rolling stone magazine he's disappointed in president obama. the magazine also reports that the general felt betrayed by its u.s. ambassador to afghanistan carl ikeen bury and was called on the carpet for speaking bluntly about troops. here at white house top officials have made it clear, they called the general back. in a statement released this morning, mcchrystal said he had enormous respect and admiration
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for the president and apologized for what he called his poor judgment. mcchrystal has also apalagissed by phone this morning to vice president biden. the article includes him on a list of administration officials who do not support the general and it quotes several of his aids making fun of biden. top pentagon officials have already told mcchrystal they are disappointed in what he told the magazine. he'll likely hear a whole lot more of that tomorrow when he arrives at the white house situation room. katherine brown for cbs news, the white house. white house budget director peter orszag is reportedly ready to step down. the associated press said the time is not set but he will reportedly leave by the end of the year. during his tenure congress passed the most economic stimulus program in u.s. history. and a massive health care reform law was passed. he is also overseeing president
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obama's first two budgets. we have more on that near riot that broke out at the district's new beginnings youth center. it was a story that you first saw here on 9 news now sunday night at 11:00 p.m. before order could be restored, the shift commander had his jaw broken and four other correctional officers suffered bumps and bruises. sources say inmates at the all male facility used the commander's electronic key to free other prisoners from their locked rooms. >> reporter: is it time to make a change in the locks with how you're dealing with the residents out there? >> it's something we'll look at once we get the report from chief lan year. >> it's a serious issue. >> the union representing officers said there is a serious staff shortage and the 60-bed facility was actually
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housing 70 minin -- inmates on sunday night. new cigarette labels going into effect today and why some say they are useless in curbing smoking. waiting for word on a federal judge on whether he'll over turn the president's ban on deepwater drilling. i'll have the latest on the spill coming up.
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same sex couples will soon be able to take leave to care
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for partners or adopt a child. at associated press reports that labor department will make that announcement tomorrow. it will extend the family and medical leave act. the act has been available to heterosexual couples since 1993. it allows up to 12 unpaid weeks each year to take care of loved ones or to adopt a child. well starting today there are going to be new rules regarding labels on cigarettes sold nationwide. manufacturers can no longer use labels like light or low tar. researchers show those kind of cigarettes are less likely to cause cancer but that's not true. the american lung association pushed hard for these new regulations. >> these new descriptions allow you to continue to smoke and thinking they are safer and less harmful when they are even
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more harmful than so-called regular cigarettes. >> and the cigarettes will not disappear immediately because stores are allowed to sell them until they run out. the insurance institute for highway safety has released a report on crashes involving older drivers. and the numbers indicate that those drivers may be getting safer. the rates of deadly crashes dropped by more than a third for drivers over the age of 70. it was much steeper than the decline for middle age drivers. researchers say that results may show that older drivers are restricting their driving and in better shape and may also benefit from more crash worthy cars. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> jc, a couple of showers out west. we'll look at them on live doppler 9000 hd. i'll tell you about threat of severe weather today and will the heat end. and we look at the allergy update. if there is good news for you,
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everything on the allergy count came in low for you. we'll have the forecast just ahead when 9 now returns. oaoa
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sky 9 was over the scene of
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a fire at an electrical substation. this is the scene moments ago at the substation located at wall chapel road in gamblers maryland. crews were taken a transformer apart when it caught fire. right now we don't know how many customers have been effected. we have the latest information for you now on the disaster in the gulf. this is a live look at bp's under water spill cam. attorneys general from maryland and ten other coast states are asking bp for assurances it will pay out financial claims for residents. they want to be sure they will get paid in case oil starts washing up there. joel brown reports an army of boats is patrolling the gulf hoping make a difference. >> reporter: scott and mark johnson jumped into the gulf
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waters. but their mother is only letting them wade knee deep. >> i'm concerned about them getting in a little bit but i see other people in. >> reporter: the family from pennsylvania wants to see all 50 states in the next few years and this summer's vacation brought them to fort walton beach where the massive oil spill is just off shore. >> i'm really concerned about it because i don't want to see people getting hurt and i just hope it gets cleaned up as soon as possible. >> reporter: a few miles out thousands of local fishermen are working with death penalty to keep the crews from reaching gulf coast bays and beaches. >> that has to be the most activity we've seen out here. >> reporter: and even with an army of vessels guarding the alabama coastline. some saw orange beach turn orange. >> it feels greasy to the touch and if you smell, it smells like a gas station. >> reporter: right now no deepwater drilling is happening in the gulf because of the obama administration's six month ban.
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a federal judge could rule as early as today on a lawsuit to overturn the ban. speaking at a conference in london today, the owner of the disabled deepwater horizon rig called the ban unnecessary. at that same conference green peace protestors interrupted tony hayward's spill in. he was a no-show, citing his obligations in the gulf. joel brown, cbs news, fort walton beach, florida. our coverage of the gulf disaster continues on our website at you can see a live feed of the oil spill plus various stories on how this disaster is effecting millions of residents. we missed you yesterday. great to have you back. >> glad to be back. >> and your son is going to camp. >> he's gone. first time. >> that's exciting. >> he's going to have a good time. i'm gemmous. >> me too. i wish i could go again. >> but one of the problems, you have to watch out for thunderstorms out there.
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not only today but the next couple of afternoons. and the heat. we have heat indexes today maybe over 100 and the temperatures will get hotter before they get cooler. wednesday and thursday look to be extremely hot around here. let's show you the forecast first for the next three days. today it will make it around 94 or so and it may struggle to get there. even though we are 90 now and a few more clouds out there and strong thunderstorms develop. wednesday and thursday, hot, 96 or hotner a couple of spots with isolated afternoon storms. we still have to watch it. when it's this hot any storm with that energy to work with can be strong. so partly sunny and hot a few strong thunderstorms. we may see a watch shortly for the area. it will be more for thunderstorms watch. mainly evening thunderstorms.
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muggy and 70-75, southwest winds at 5. 8:37 on the sunset. and then tomorrow winds become more westerly so we'll make it into the mid if not upper 90 -- in a couple of locations. and wind 10-15 so this incredible june heat continues. we did have some thunderstorms this morning. they've died out. sill some showers in pennsylvania. parts of west virginia, here out of hancock and hagerstown and williamsport, i think it will fall apart. if not, a couple of sprinkles but then it will die. and we have warmed up quite a bit. especially down in the southern suburbs. bay breeze keeping annapolis cool at 93. 90 at easton. 91 in leesberg. and cumberland had the showers only 77. and here in washington we have a heat index of 94. fredericksberg dew point
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thermometer runs closer to 100. but you get the idea. heat indexes in the mid to upper 90s and the wents aren't helping out much. bigger picture, not just the showers here, we're watching energy back in ohio and another cluster of storms in illinois. this will ride east and in the very warm humid atmosphere that we have will support strong thunderstorms and the storm prediction center has the area outlooked for thunderstorms for the afternoon. high winds and hail being the main threat. and look at this, 8:00 tonight much of the area except for southern maryland seeing the thunderstorms. they'll die down overnight and probably fire up more storms tomorrow afternoon. so as we look at your seven-day forecast, here comes the heat. mid-90s if not upper 90s locally wednesday and thursday with thunderstorms at times. friday a little bit cooler. upper 80s to near 90. saturday and sunday back to the low 90s. the storms returning sunday and into monday.
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we're getting started at 4:25 monday through friday. be sure to join andrea, howard and angie for the latest news, weather and traffic at 4:25 a.m. here on channel 9. and it is wedding season 2010 and let me tell you that rsvp catering is pulling out all of the stops, getting ready for the bride and groom's big day. and you know what they are saying what is really hot is the first course. and it's not hot at all. it's cold. i want you to meet chef greg greenberg. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> what did you bring for me today? >> instead of the salad, we're doing kind of a cold first course. and what i put together is like a sweet and sour cucumber with a hot smoke.
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and at home you take fresh salmon with hickory chips on grill and put it off to the side. and simple cucumber and toss with white wine vinegar and sugar and salt and season with tomato. and on the short plate take the salmon. >> and it's cold. so you don't have to worry about keeping it hot. that's a great idea. >> a little bit of fried parsley with garnish, gives it a little bit of a crunch. and then a chilled asparagus soup. a little bit of asparagus with leaks and onion. and you blank the asparagus in broth and season with salt, pepper, garlic and puree it together and let that chill down in the refrigerator and pour this into your -- what ever kind of vessel you have. >> and these recipes are on the
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website, and that looks beautiful. >> thank you. >> chef, this is why i love you. >> thank you. >> you have to see what the chef has brought. look at these baby cupcakes. >> we call these black tie cupcakes. this is very big at the end of the wedding after the wedding cake. we have designer truffles, designer strawberries and then little brownie cheesecake lollipops. >> can i move these over here? and look at the brownie cupcakes. come on, howard. >> it's dessert time. >> and the truffles. look at that. howard, i'm going to take one of these. thank you for being with us. chef, thank you for being here. come back and join us at 5:00. have a great day. >> watch out for storms later.
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today we're looking at your health with discussion of one disease reaching epidemic proportions in the united states, diabetes. an estimated 20.8 million americans have diabetes. among those, 90% have type 2 diabetes. if you or someone you know has become frustrated with the progression of the disease, in spite of medications and other temperatures, then you want to meet our two guests. dr. thom cheney and dr. stephanie cheney are here to discuss their success in treating diabetes. wow, those are some staggering numbers dr. stephanie. tell me, why do you think so many patients are frustrated with the disease and the treatment their receiving. >> they're coming in frustrated because they've been doing everything they've been told to do. they're taking their medication and they've been told to lose weight and very fatigue and
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sick and they're sugars rise until they are put on more medication to control the sugar and they become fearful of being put on insulin, having limb loss or stroke or heart attack and blindness. >> dr. tom, you are seeing great results in your practice. what makes your treatment so different? >> we are seeing great results. and our treatment starts with a comprehensive diagnosis. most of the diabetics that come in to see us are put on the same medication, given the same recommendations and it usually leads to the progression of the disease. so what we do is give them an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan specifically for them. and that's how we're actually able to reverse the disease. >> now if you're looking for a customized treatment plan, give the phone number at the bottom of the screen a call, 410-216- 9180. now dr. stephanie, you were telling me earlier, you have a good testimony about a young lady that came into your
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center. tell us about that. >> we have a nurse who came in who has been a diabetic for six years and was on 9 units of insulin and cholesterol medication and overnight and she's now off of her 90 units of insulin 4 to five weeks into the program. she's gone from a dress side 16 to a size 6 and is looking forward to the rest of her life. >> that's a success story. thank you so much, doctors. >> if you've been frustrated with the progression of type 2 diabetes and you're seeking new solutions, give doctors time and stephanie cheney a call at 410-216-9180. they would like to extend a complimentary consultation to the first 25 qualified viewers who call 410-216-9180. check out their website at annapolis functional


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